About Us

The Initial Studio is a design studio and shop for personalized Lifestyle, Celebration and Corporate products - crafted especially for you. With a strong focus on quality and aesthetics, we aim to move away from the clutter of existing printers and vendors. We believe that the art of creation and the impact it leaves on the world are just as important as the product.  

The Initial Studio is the brain-child of Tarini Manchanda and was founded in 2017. Tarini grew up in Delhi with her grandmother, an art historian and mother both exposing her to the nuances of art and design since early childhood.
She studied Anthropology and International Marketing at SOAS, University of London where she learnt the importance of understanding what the consumer wants and worked with creativity across cultures. She also studied graphic design in New Delhi and is well versed with design software. Tarini has developed a strong knowledge of digital marketing and brand strategy after working at a creative agency, where she worked for over 4 years with clients across different industries – Fashion and Lifestyle, Healthcare, Hospitality and Entertainment.
Though she is serious about design and has strong opinions on aesthetics, she believes everything must elicit joy.
(She also gets uncomfortable speaking about herself in third person.)